Providing exceptional Hotel Amenities evokes a sense of quality and sophistication and thereby improves the brand value of a hotel. We the representative of Inara products in the caribbean, assist you in adding that extra refinement with our thoughtfully curated Hotel Amenities collection.

Inara believe in providing a truly pleasurable experience by discovering the power of nature! Inara take pride in manufacturing 100% natural products that benefit the body, mind and environment, by being completely free of sulphates, parabens, coloring agents or any synthetics.

Inara provide the finest quality products in the Indian hospitality sector that combine nature’s goodness with modernized science. Our state-of-the-art production sites enable us to provide tailor-made products and be recognized as the visionaries in the Hotel Amenities segment. Inara currently serves various leading premium hotels, hospitals, and international airport lounges


- Inara passionately believes in harnessing the restorative powers of nature.

- Launched in the year 2012, Inara has stood true to its meaning and continues to instill a sense of harmony through its

- Our 100% natural, nourishing and purifying products are packaged in high-quality bottles and tubes that are customized to the
hotel’s demands.

- Our attractive packaging and unmatched services help to enhance your guests’ experience and bears testimony to your hotel’s